Welcome to Starbirds, a shoot'em up game for AMIGA computers. This game was developed from 1993 until 1996 by Dario Hardmeier (graphics, animations) and Samo Jordan (programming, game design, music). Originally bundled with some commercial AMIGA software, it later was released as freeware.
Although Starbirds was originally developed for AMIGA computers only, it can nowadays be played on many other computer platforms, by running the game using AMIGA emulation software. Starbirds was successfully tested with the UAE emulator, which is recommended to run the game.

Starbirds is hereby released as free software under the MIT License. The game is provided as an ADF file, which represents the original Starbirds floppy disk and which can be used with the UAE emulator. To download the game visit the Download section on these pages.

To get a first impression of Starbirds, look at some screenshots. Enjoy!